What The HSUS Says

The HSUS was the primary sponsor of Prop 2 in 2008 and has defended the law in court since then.

The HSUS has consistently maintained that Proposition 2 provides basic animal welfare standards for the housing of farm animals, requiring generally that they cannot be housed “in a manner that prevents such animal from: (a) Lying down, standing up, and fully extending his or her limbs; and (b) Turning around freely.” Regarding the housing of hens –– the measure provides additional specificity, by also noting that egg-laying hens must be able to “fully spread both wings without touching the side of an enclosure or other egg-laying hens,” and “turn in a complete circle without any impediment, including a tether, and without touching the side of an enclosure.” Proposition 2 focuses on easily identifiable behaviors that anyone in the egg business can understand. While Prop 2 does not specifically mention cages, it has the economic effect of facilitating the transition of the egg industry to cage free systems.

There is no question that cage free systems are consistent with Proposition 2.